5 Ways to Care for Your Rental While You’re Away

Living on your own as a young adult comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially if you are renting an apartment, townhouse or single-family home. When renting, it’s important that you are taking the steps needed to ensure the safety and upkeep of the property you rent, even while you are away. For college students […]

The US Census and You

You’re going to see a lot of talk in the next few months about the US Census. The census is taken every 10 years in the United States. It is used to calculate the population of a particular city. It also helps the government establish demographics for each area. Why is this important to you? […]

Tidying Up Your Home

Have you been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo lately? No? Just us? Marie is probably one of the most famous people on Netflix right now. Not only is she great at de-cluttering and helping you find your joy, but she’s really good at helping people maximize living in small spaces. How does she do […]

Cut The Clutter

  Preparing to move, or just moving in? No matter what style home you live in, clutter is never welcome.  Living minimally is all the rage. There are several ways to help minimize the items you’re packing along in your journey. Whether you live in a rental home or a studio apartment, having excess will […]

Keep Costs Low in Cold-Weather Months

With cold weather having approached so much earlier this year for Central Missouri, you might be seeing increased costs in your utilities. That bill is never fun to get, so here are three tips for keeping your utility costs low during the winter months. Turn the heat down when you’re not home Many of us […]

How to Be a Great Tenant in 3 Easy Steps

We’ve had dozens of rental properties for a long time now. Over the years, we’ve had some fantastic tenants who not only took care of the property, but also really looked at their rental as a home. They developed relationships with the neighbors, notified us of any issues early on and were altogether very pleasant […]

5 Ways to Know if You’re Picking the Perfect Location

  Are you about to venture out on your own for the first time? Here in Warrensburg, we’re proud to be the home of the University of Central Missouri. Between the university and Whiteman Air Force Base, we become the new home of tons of new people each year. Our small-town feel offers a safe […]