Cut The Clutter

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Preparing to move, or just moving in? No matter what style home you live in, clutter is never welcome.  Living minimally is all the rage. There are several ways to help minimize the items you’re packing along in your journey.

Whether you live in a rental home or a studio apartment, having excess will only burden your ability to relocate.  Take these steps to evaluate what brings joy and importance in your life to cut down on the clutter in your next home:

#1 Take Out The Trash

Take the time to go through every drawer, diving down all the way to the bottom. Chances are, you’ll find items that just don’t need to be packed up to consume space in a box or your new home.

#2 Look For Duplicates

Remember the lipstick you thought your best friends stole from you? As you go through each nook and cranny, make sure you get rid of any items that are duplicates, so as to not add to the clutter of your new living space.


#3 Touch Every Single Item

We know, this sounds pretty weird, but just trust us on this one. Taking the time to become fully aware of every single item you own allows yourself the opportunity to fully evaluate whether or not it is needed when you move.


#4 Take Only What You Love

Sometimes this means abandoning the pair of unicorn toe socks that mom gave you last Christmas. Make a pile to donate to the local thrift store or charity. Someone, somewhere has been dying for unicorn toe socks.


No matter where life’s next journey is taking you- large home, duplex, townhome, apartment or studio flat- leave the clutter behind.

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