Keep Costs Low in Cold-Weather Months

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With cold weather having approached so much earlier this year for Central Missouri, you might be seeing increased costs in your utilities. That bill is never fun to get, so here are three tips for keeping your utility costs low during the winter months.

Turn the heat down when you’re not home

Many of us are gone 8-12 hours per day, and if you’re a busy college student with a full class schedule and a job, you may be gone even more. It’s important to your utility bill to not be heating the house or apartment when you’re not home. When you do get home, make sure to only turn your thermostat up 2-3 degrees at a time. This helps the wear and tear on the furnaces or heat pumps, and when you’re taking good care of your home, it will take good care of you in return.

Check windows, doors and patios for weather seals

If you have a leaky window, it’s going to let in a lot of cold air. As a property owner, this also means it can let in a lot of water or humidity, which could lead to window rot. As a tenant, this means you may be heating the great outdoors. Keep a good eye on areas of your home that may be prone to leakage, and your utility bill is likely to stay much lower.

Bundle up!

Some of us really wish we lived in Florida or Arizona year-round. Unfortunately, sunny and 32 isn’t quite the weather for tank tops and shorts. Keeping your home at 70 degrees may feel comfortable, but you’re sure to rack up a utility bill that might be beyond comfortable. Plus, hoodies, fuzzy socks and blankets are cozy!

If maintaining a consistent budget is important to you, then high utility bills are not an option. If you’re doing all of these things, and your utility bills are still haywire, we’ve posted the numbers to our local utilities below.



Kansas City Power and Light – 888-471-5275


Spire Energy – 800-582-1234


Missouri American Water – 866-430-0820


City of Warrensburg – 660-262-4549

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