5 Ways to Know if You’re Picking the Perfect Location

Location, Location, Location

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Location is so important when you’re looking for your next rental. Here are five things to think about when you’re picking your next location! Here are Warrensburg 4 Rent, we’ve got some amazing rentals in great locations!

  Are you about to venture out on your own for the first time? Here in Warrensburg, we’re proud to be the home of the University of Central Missouri. Between the university and Whiteman Air Force Base, we become the new home of tons of new people each year. Our small-town feel offers a safe community for residents while we also have many of the bigger-city amenities for shopping and dining. As a college student, we know location is one of the top things you’re looking for when finding a rental. Warrensburg 4 Rent is home to dozens of rentals: Studios, Houses, Duplexes and Apartment Complexes. The wide variety allows us the ability to find something that is a great fit for almost everyone: Singles, families, college students and military members. Many of our rentals are located within walking distance to the university and our downtown shops and restaurants. With the police and fire stations nearby, our community offers excellent safety and security for parents who are helping their student venture off on their own for the first time.   When it comes to location, here are five questions every parent or student should ask before signing a lease:
  1. Is this within a reasonable proximity to the university? There are times it will be raining and even snowing out, but class will surely not be cancelled. Will you have a reasonable commute during these times? If not, you’ll definitely want to think twice about this location. Even dirt-cheap rent doesn’t save you from regretting your location when you’re walking three miles in sub-zero temperatures.
  1. Is this within reasonable proximity to entertainment? Let’s be honest, college students love to spend time socializing, going out to eat, and shopping. You definitely don’t want to have to drive or wait on one of the four taxis in Warrensburg when your friends are downtown.
  1. Is this close to emergency services? Ok parents…this one’s for you. Your college student may not be thinking about this, but we bet you are! While we want them to go spread their wings, we want to know that everything they need is nearby…including fire and police.
  1. Is there adequate parking? When you’re looking at renting an apartment or house, make sure you’re checking in to parking options. Students who are in a hurry aren’t always great about locking their doors, turning off their headlights, etc. So having a parking spot nearby is a great convenience. Also, when you come to visit and grandma wants to tag along, who wants to park six blocks away and make her walk?
  1. Is it convenient and safe? Is the apartment, house or duplex in a well-lit area on roads that get treated during snow and ice? There’s nothing worse than feeling neglected because your rental is on back roads three miles outside the city limits.
Almost all of our rentals are conveniently located within city limits and are close to the university, our historic district for entertainment, and two libraries. We’d love to show you around our community and help you find a rental that’s perfect for you. Give us a call or contact us through our website, and we’d be happy to help you find your next home!
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