The US Census and You

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You’re going to see a lot of talk in the next few months about the US Census. The census is taken every 10 years in the United States. It is used to calculate the population of a particular city. It also helps the government establish demographics for each area. Why is this important to you? Well, it’s mandatory that every family in the United States participate. Here is some pertinent information you’ll need to know to complete the census accurately:

College Students

If you’re a college student: We understand you may be from St. Louis or Kansas City, and in your heart, that’s your official home. According to the US Census Bureau, your home of record is where you reside the majority of the year. This includes the school year. So if you’re a student at the University of Central Missouri – or maybe you moved to Warrensburg for the career center, a satellite university or even to commute to State Fair Community College for a program – your home of record – if you live in Warrensburg the majority of the year is in fact – Warrensburg. That’s right. You’re a Warrensburgian. Or a Warrensburger. However you want to say it, when you complete the census, you’re legally required to use 64093 as your official zip code.

Military Members

If you’re a military member or spouse of a military member: If you’re stationed at Whiteman and live in Warrensburg, you’re required to put Warrensburg on the Census form as your home of record (it’s pretty similar to the rules listed above for college students, except we understand you’re familiar with calling Alabama or Texas your “Home of Record”.

The Importance

What’s the benefit to you for doing this correctly? The population makes a huge impact on a business’ decision to open in Warrensburg. In fact, many businesses use a combination of the population and the retail trade population (a fancy number calculated by the number of people who travel to Warrensburg to eat and shop) to establish what businesses would be a good fit here in the Burg. This also helps local aspiring entrepreneurs determine if Warrensburg might be a good fit for their hopeful future business. These demographics are often provided to hopeful entrepreneurs through the Small Business Administration and will help people determine a solid course of action.

So basically, the more people who accurately state their home of record as the place they reside the majority of the year – the more benefits you’ll find in your “small” but not really so “small” town. Whether you live in a single-family home, a duplex, a townhouse or an apartment complex – and whether you rent or own – if you live here the majority of the time, you’re an official Warrensburger…..

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